Project: Bunk App

Year: 2017

Role: Co-Founder

Type of Work: App and UI/UX Design

Relative Projects: Bunk Landing Page


Bunk is an app I co-founded with Samantha Boyle. Bunk is an app based marketplace for students to post rooms available, students to find rooms, or landlords to find students.

Audience:  Student and Landlords

People/Context: Bunk is mainly geared towards students looking to post rooms, find roommates, and chat with landlords. They want to make sure they are finding roommates that have the same interest as them and want to find reliable and credible landlords.  Bunk is mainly geared towards landlords looking to post rooms/houses to fill. 


Through user testing and research, we were able to find out the problems that college students face. This allowed us to create a brand, a fully functioning app, and video commercial.