Project: Bunk Landing Page

Year: 2017

Role: Web Designer

Type of Work: Web Design

Relative Projects: Bunk App


Bunk is an app I co-founded with Samantha Boyle. Bunk is an app based marketplace for students to post rooms available, students to find rooms, or landlords to find students.             


Student, Landlords, and Funders

The audience in depth:

Students and landlords want to know when the app is live. Our landing page will allow us to share the progress with our development. Since we are sharing our story, I paid close attention to how we ordered our page. Our users also want to know how the app will work, features that will stand out among other apps and the prices associated with using our services. By including our app commercial on the page, we believe that we can answer many of their questions.

Bunk’s landing page is also geared towards investors and funders. This is because our app is still in prototyping stages and will require additional funding to complete development. When creating content for the page, our goal was to strategically implement information that is relevant to an investor. They will want to know our go to market strategies, anticipated startup costs, business goals, and our history.


Research/ Design for Email:

Since Bunk has three main audiences, I wanted to provide three separate types of email subscriptions. Despite their differences, our goal was to use the same tone and attitude across all three. Bunk has a quirky, funny but professional personality. Ensuring brand consistency across each of the emails was an important task to complete.

When designing the email templates, I wanted to create three master templates with the same style but different content. I also wanted them all to have the same sort of hierarchy.

The Landing Page


I wanted to take what I learned from researching the different app sites and implement them on Bunk’s site. This included adding sections for features, about us, and a spot to place our video.


After my initial sketches, it gave me a clear idea of where to go forward in the design and order of which the content would lay out on the page. After discussing my first initial mockup, it was decided that because the app had not been released yet that there is not a need for the pricing module or the icons saying available soon.